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From the creator of SVG Import, CutCopy is a new Webflow Designer Extension currently under development by Flowcraft (@timdaffx).

If you have an interest in assisting with beta testing or feedback please reach out on X. Otherwise, you may signup below to get notified on launch.

Need a Webflow app designer and developer for your own idea or product? Contact Flowcraft.

What you see on this page, I hope will always be free.

However, CutCopy's major feature (T.B.A.) will require an account.

Aiming for Attribute ClipboardVariable Clipboard, to be ready for launch.

I am a team of one, freelancing, and making ends meet. My 2020 MBP fans are spinning like a top as I write this. If you'd like to sponsor the development of CutCopy or SVG Import, please reach out via X. This will help me commit more time.